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Nov 28
Letters from the Heart (Service)(10AM - 2PM)
The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music and its Inaugural Dean, Eileen L. Strempel are proud to launch Still Waiting, a new speaker series that invites the public to join UCLA students in conversation with prominent figures invited by the school’s Anti-Racism Committee (ARC), to help us understand ourselves and our response to this deeply hurtful moment in our nation’s racial reckoning. Still Waiting invites us to demand better of our communities and better of our actions in response to the tangible effects of racist policing, academic and institutional indifference, and methodologies that may bridge the gap between feelings of alienation and feelings of sanctuary and refuge for us all.
Tuesdays w/Tea: Mindful Breathing(11AM - 11:30AM)
Come to the RISE Center for a moment of pause. Grab a cup of tea, meet a new community member, and practice a new mindfulness technique each week.
Returning to UCLA by popular demand, this lecture by Walid Saleh (University of Toronto) provides an overview of the major features of Classical Islam that solidified during the early Abbasid period. Such features include the rise of major religious sciences and the textual tradition that became part of the scholarly and religious tradition.
Pre-MED Q + A(5PM - 6PM)
Biweekly Q+A panel hosted by College Academic Mentors attending UCLA Medical School from the College Academic Counseling Team. If you are pre-med and have questions, we encourage you to attend and learn. This session will be focused on Letters of Recommendation. Students, we ask that you rename your Zoom title with your year in school. We will start with one question at a time from each student and allow seconds if time permits. We will not discuss specific metrics on GPA or MCAT. Panelists will share their own experiences. Disclaimer: Panelists are not on the admissions committee Keep in mind each medical school is different
Dr. James Lent leads his class of pianists in a varied concert featuring works for piano duet, piano duo, piano quartet, violin and piano, voice and piano, piano concertos, and other unique combinations!
Join the Dashew Center and the UCLA international community at our Community Social for all international students/scholars and dependents! Complimentary dinner will be provided for the first 75 attendees on a first come, first serve basis. Registration is recommended but not required. UCLA International Community Connections is both a network and event series for members of our UCLA community and their spouses, partners, and families who have relocated to the Los Angeles area. These events seek to facilitate connections and build meaningful relationships between folks. Joining is a great way to create a new network of friends! All are welcome, but we particularly encourage attendance of: UCLA international students and scholars with dependents, spouses and partners of UCLA international students or scholars, families and children of UCLA international students or scholars. We hope to see you there!Date: Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 Time: 5 - 6:30 PM Where: Community Center at UCLA University Village ApartmentsAddress: 3200 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066, United States Audience: Students, Scholars Contact: Cost: Free
Nov 29
Are you working on learning a new language? Do you want to take what you're learning in the classroom a step further? The Language Exchange program connects language learners together to improve their conversation skills and meet people from around the world. Language Exchange is open to members of the UCLA community and all language levels! Applications will close at 11:59 PM PT on Tuesday, January 16th, 2023. You will be notified if we have found you a Language Exchange partner on a rolling basis through Wednesday, January 24th, 2023. Apply here []Please find more information on the flyer and the Dashew Center website [], and should you have any questions, please reach out to: Audience: Faculty/Staff, Alumni/Friends, Students, Dashew Members, Scholars Contact: Cost: Free
FAS Office and Phone Lines will be closed
FAS in-person service and phone lines will be closed and will reopen at 10am on November 30, 2023.
Movement and Meditation(10:30AM - 11:30AM)
Take some time to relax, stretch, and breathe through movement and meditation.
Drop-In w Val(1PM - 3PM)
Stop by to chat with RISE staff about campus mental health resources, getting connected to CAPS, managing academic stress, or if you just need to talk.
This event will take place in person. Are you looking for a safe and supportive space to practice your English conversation skills? Check out Dashew Center's English Language Circle (ELC)! Here you will have an opportunity to practice your English with other language learners. The circle is led by a native English speaker, who will help you become more confident in your speaking skills and who can answer your language and grammar questions. Check the details of each event before you register. Space is limited! Please email us at with any questions. You are welcome to bring your lunch to these sessions! Audience: Faculty/Staff, Alumni/Friends, Students, Dashew Members, Scholars Contact: Cost: Free
Speaker and 2023 Karmiole Fellow Lindsay Wells, PhD Join UCLA Library in the NEW Distinctive Collections Classroom for a presentation from 2023 Karmiole Fellow, Dr. Lindsay Wells, and featuring materials from Library Special Collections. Children’s literature about flowers and gardens constitutes an understudied branch of the Victorian horticultural press, yet it importantly demonstrates how nineteenth-century Britons were conditioned from infancy to perceive and interpret ornamental plants from around the world. From Africa and Asia to Australia and the Americas, many of the plants featured in gardening books for children at this time hailed from different corners of the British empire. Often filled with colorful illustrations, these texts demonstrate how botanical imagery was mobilized across different print genres in the nineteenth century to reinforce the imperialist claim that collecting foreign flora was a British prerogative. Focusing on the entwined histories of art, plant hunting, and garden writing, this talk will explore how assumptions about empire and national identity were embedded within Victorian children's books about horticulture.
Does the scholarship search confuse you? Do your web searches yield thousands, if not millions, of useless links? Guided by the SRC’s experts, you’ll learn techniques to help you save time and hone your research skills so you can find the right scholarship opportunities for you! You’ll also learn how to think about your profile and strengths the way scholarship donors do. Enrollment closes at 10:50am PT on the day of the workshop. Enrolled participants can access the Zoom link for this workshop in Academics -> Advising and Academic Services -> Workshops: PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR REMINDER EMAILS. At the beginning of the workshop, you must provide your UID number to verify your status as a UCLA student who is on the Workshop Roster. SRC workshops are protected intellectual property. Recording is not permitted.
Luminaria on the Hill(5PM - 7:30PM)
During the final event of Relay for Life, the Luminaria Ceremony, we light bags to remember loved ones we have lost to cancer and ignite hope in those who are currently fighting it.
Join the UCLA Wind Ensemble for the second concert of their 2023-2024 season with a performance led by Visiting Professor of Music Gary Hill. The UCLA Wind Ensemble is the premier wind band at the University of California, Los Angeles. Comprising both graduate and undergraduate students, its 50 members are highly skilled and versatile musicians selected by competitive audition each fall. As a flexible and inclusive medium that honors its rich history while also fostering living composers, the wind ensemble provides an ideal laboratory for students to encounter a wide range of musical viewpoints. Innovative programming, interaction with faculty and guest artists, and vibrant outreach programs position the wind ensemble as a musical nexus, bringing together professional players and artist-teachers, composers, academics, school band directors, and audiences — with student-musicians at the core.
Nov 30
Drop-In w Jaci(10AM - 12PM)
Stop by to chat with RISE staff about campus mental health resources, getting connected to CAPS, managing academic stress, or if you just need to talk.
Weekly Community Gathering Space: Breaking Down Self-Care(4PM - 5PM)
This workshop helps students dig into the concepts of wellness and self care. Students will create their own definitions of wellness by considering personal and cultural factors; learn to identify their own stressors and stress warning signs; learn the difference between self-soothing and self-care; and break down the different aspects of caring for oneself. Students will walk away with a deeper understanding of wellness and their own self-care toolkit.
Dr. Marissa Nicosia’s project sets out to find, investigate, update, cook, and write about recipes from manuscript recipe books produced between 1600 and 1800. In this talk, she will share recipes and explain how she finds, researches, updates, and, most importantly, cooks from recipe books. She will also discuss how this embodied research practice informs her approach to early modern English literature. The lecture is free to attend with advance registration.
Botany of the Holidays(4PM - 6PM)
Free and open to the public. We will have speakers, snacks, a reception, a plant sale, and Garden merchandise.
The UCLA Dashew Center and the International Student Ambassadors present "Shine Bright: A Holiday Celebration for Women in STEM" in collaboration with Graduate Women in Science (GWIS) - Los Angeles Chapter, and Society of Women Engineers (SWE) - Los Angeles Chapter. Join us for an inspiring evening where brilliant women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) share their stories, insights, and successes. As we celebrate the winter and holiday season, we're also here to honor cultural diversity, engage in enlightening discussions, network with fellow students and professionals, and be part of a supportive community dedicated to overcoming challenges in STEM fields. Event Agenda:6:00 - 6:05 pmIntroduction6:05 - 6:15 pmSpotlight presentations6:15 - 7:00 pmPanel discussions7:00 - 8:00 pmNetworking (food & non-alcoholic beverages provided) Registration is highly suggested. Please complete the registration form here. [] Audience: Faculty/Staff, Alumni/Friends, Students, Scholars Contact: Cost: Free
PSCE & Sustainability Sig(7PM - 9PM)
In its 2nd year, the Climate Justice Forum educates and empowers leaders to explore the nexus between sustainability and public service. Not only does this function allow students to listen to presentations from individuals in various stages of their personal and academic lives, it provides them the opportunity to be connected with organizations and resources that will help them embark on a journey that aims to create a more sustainable future.
Dec 1
This conference considers visual, textual, material, and performative engagement with processes of commodification in the early modern world. It explores how images, objects, and practices converted environments into resources, natural resources into lucrative items with commercial and tax-yielding significance, and destructive forces and forced labor into idealized landscapes and aestheticized bodies. The conference shifts the focus from the collection and display of phenomena in cabinets of curiosities, to the mechanisms and processes through which raw materials were converted into commodities. “Converting Natural Resources” considers how new audiences and consumers for commodities were cultivated through narratives, images, and artifacts. The conference is free to attend with advance registration. Please see the event webpage for full details and the registration form.
Drop-In w Josh(1PM - 3PM)
Stop by to chat with RISE staff about campus mental health resources, getting connected to CAPS, managing academic stress, or if you just need to talk.
UCLA Grad's LA Blend: Arts, Parks, & Heights Series(1PM - 6PM)
Intended Audience: All Graduate & Professional students at UCLA Event Description: Welcome to the UCLA Grad’s LA Blend: Arts, Parks, and Heights! A series of events and outings curated by the Graduate Student Resource Center to take UCLA graduate and professional students on adventures around Los Angeles. For the first event of the year, we will be visiting a local LA hub, the Culver City Steps to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. Join us either at the bottom of the steps or up at the top of the overlook to enjoy some movement & a fun picnic with friends! Dress up in your UCLA gear or UCLA colors so we can find each other! Feel free to bring picnic blankets, food, snacks, water, or anything else you'd like to enjoy up there. Date: Friday November 11th, 2023 Time: 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM (Sunset) Location: Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook What to Bring: Comfortable Hiking Shoes Water Bottle Snacks Sunscreen and Hat Camera/Smartphone A Sense of Adventure
Admission is free. No advance reservations. Your seat will be assigned to you when you pick up your ticket at the box office. Seats are assigned on a first come, first served basis. The box office opens one hour before the event. Funded by the Myra Reinhard Family Foundation, the Present Preserving the Past: Student Film Initiative’s inaugural group of graduate student interns worked closely over a 10-week period under the supervision of Archive staff to inspect, prepare, digitally restore and preserve three UCLA student films from the 1960s-1980s. Ranging from documentary to animation to narrative production, the selected films feature histories of political activism, Chinese American influence, and the L.A. Rebellion. Present Preserving the Past highlights a cross-section of student filmmakers whose work represents a vibrant and storied UCLA film tradition. The program will include a screening followed by a conversation with filmmakers and graduate students.
Fall SLAM! Jam(7:30PM - 10PM)
This event is a musical performance opportunity for student bands both in and outside of SLAM. Bands will be given the opportunity to put together their own set lists and perform on the Hill in front of their friends and fellow students.
Join the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music as we celebrate the culmination of a week-long collaboration between renowned soprano Hilá Plitmann and UCLA composition students.
Dec 2
Field Day (Service)(10AM - 2PM)
Field Hockey vs UCSB University of California, Santa Barbara(12PM)
The UCLA Chinese Music Ensemble, directed by Chi Li, performs its annual Fall concert featuring traditional and contemporary music, including Chinese opera aria, zheng unison, qin unison, folk dance, and silk-and-bamboo music. Introduction to Chinese Instruments used in this performance: Dizi: a transverse bamboo flute equipped with six finger holes, a mouth hole, and a perforation covered by a delicate bamboo membrane, resulting in a distinctive and evocative wavering sound. In China's He Mu Du region, more than 160 pieces of bone di, dating back seven thousand years, have been unearthed. Qin: an unbridged seven-stringed zither with a history spanning over three thousand years. Notably, there are over 3,600 documented ancient qin compositions found in almost 130 qin manuscripts. In addition to conventional notes, the qin offers the possibility of playing 119 harmonics. Sheng: an ancient mouth organ, boasts 17 or 21 bamboo pipes, each fitted with a reed at its lower end and inserted into a copper base. With a history extending over three thousand years, the sheng holds a unique place in traditional Chinese music. Ruan: an early Chinese plucked lute characterized by a round body and a lengthy, fretted neck housing four strings, played with a plectrum, has a history dating back approximately 2,100 years. Erhu: a two-stringed lute featuring a bow with horsehair held between the strings, has a history of around 1,000 years. Pipa: a pear-shaped plucked lute boasting four strings, displays four upper frets and twenty-four lower frets. It is plucked using five real or synthetic nails on the right-hand fingers. Zheng: a long, bridged zither with variable sizes and twenty-one strings. It is played by plucking with real or synthetic nails.
In-person: Introduction by Deborah Nadoolman Landis, founding director and chair of the David C. Copley Center for Costume Design. Q&A with Professor Landis and fashion and design historian, curator and author Michelle Tolini Finamore. Admission is free. No advance reservations. Your seat will be assigned to you when you pick up your ticket at the box office. Seats are assigned on a first come, first served basis. The box office opens one hour before the event. ASL interpretation will be provided for the introduction and Q&A. Male and Female U.S., 1919 With live musical accompaniment! Adapted from Peter Pan creator Sir James M. Barrie’s play The Admirable Crichton, Male and Female turns the tables on social class in a whimsical silent adventure film centered on an aristocratic family and their dutiful butler Crichton (Thomas Meighan). Crichton’s devotion to the family and Lady Mary Loam (Gloria Swanson, in a role that helped propel her into stardom) is upended when the group is shipwrecked on an island, and he assumes control to ensure their survival. Cecil B. DeMille’s trademark flair for the spectacle is underscored by dazzling costumes and distinct locales and sequences. DeMille remarked, “It was a theory that died very hard that the public would not stand for anyone dressed in clothes of another period.” DeMille proves his point in the film’s famous and extravagant ancient Babylon scene, creating a canvas for a box office hit in Male and Female, where costumes were front and center. The screening will be followed by a conversation between Deborah Nadoolman Landis and Michelle Finamore, focusing on the uncredited costume designers for the film, including Clare West, Mitchell Leisen and Paul Iribe. When DeMille hired West, he informed her that he wanted costumes that would "make people gasp," and Male and Female delivered not only spectacular designs, but also everyday wear and fantastical desert island garb. The film captures a moment in time when the professional film costume designer was in ascendancy, as well as the early days of Leisen's career and the Parisian designer Paul Iribe's short-lived foray into Hollywood film. DCP, b&w, silent, 116 min. Director: Cecil B. DeMille. Screenwriter: Jeanie Macpherson. Based on The Admirable Crichton, a play by Sir James M. Barrie. With: Gloria Swanson, Thomas Meighan, Bebe Daniels. DCP courtesy of the George Eastman Museum.
Dec 3
Admission is free. No advance reservations. Your seat will be assigned to you when you pick up your ticket at the box office. Seats are assigned on a first come, first served basis. The box office opens one hour before the event. Blindspotting U.S., 2018 Oakland set and shot, director Carlos López Estrada’s Blindspotting, scripted by its two magnetic stars Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal, brims with a fierce hometown pride. That spirit, and his best friend Miles (Casal), sustains one-time offender Collin (Diggs) as he anxiously counts down the final three days of his parole. No race against the clock, getting through is the game here until Collin witnesses a police shooting while out after curfew and he’s haunted by his decision not to get involved. As Collin runs out his time beholden to the system, Estrada renders a powerful portrait of the networks of systemic injustice — police violence, gentrification, economic inequality — without a seeming expiration date. 35mm, color, 95 min. Director: Carlos López Estrada. Screenwriter: Rafael Casal, Daveed Diggs. With: Daveed Diggs, Rafael Casal, Janina Gavankar. Bhaji on the Beach U.K., 1993 As a group of British women of Indian descent board a bus bound for the beach resort of Blackpool, their guide cheerfully declares their day trip a vacation from the “double yokes of racism and sexism.” A wife and mother separating from her violent husband, a med school-bound student who just learned she’s pregnant, an older “auntie” anxious about spending her remaining years alone, they and the others could indeed all use the break. But of course the patriarchy comes calling regardless in co-writer-director Gurinder Chadha’s groundbreaking debut feature, by turns delightful and earnest as tradition and identity clash on the boardwalk over a single day. 16mm, color, in English and Punjabi with English subtitles, 101 min. Director: Gurinder Chadha. Screenwriter: Gurinder Chadha, Meera Syal. With: Kim Vithana, Jimmi Harkishin, Sarita Khajuria.
Dec 4
Designed as a follow-up to Secrets to Winning College Cash Part 1, this workshop walks participants through the strategic process of conducting routine online searches for scholarships. Participants who wish to enroll in this workshop must attend Secrets to Winning College Cash 1 prior to this Workshop Date. Enrollment closes at 10:50am PT on the day of the workshop. Enrolled participants can access the Zoom link for this workshop in Academics -> Advising and Academic Services -> Workshops: PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR REMINDER EMAILS. At the beginning of the workshop, you must provide your UID number to verify your status as a UCLA student who is on the Workshop Roster. SRC workshops are protected intellectual property and recording is not allowed.
UCLA student combos and ensembles directed by world-class jazz artists will be performing well-known jazz standards, contemporary works, and pop songs, as well as compositions by the faculty directors and the students. Tonight's concert will feature the following groups: Jazz Combo directed by Charley Harrison The UCLA World Jazz and Intercultural Improvisation Ensemble directed by Steven Loza Jazz Combo directed by Roberto Miranda The UCLA Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble directed by Arturo O'farrill